"Michael operates with a high level of integrity and objectivity and brings a remarkable level of sophistication and innovation to the area of residential property investment and development" - C Hayes, NSW


Michael Fuller founder at Hotspotcentral

Founder, Michael Fuller

Having worked in four countries including major capital centres, London and Brussels, Michael realised that the financial and property markets favour the fund managers and real estate marketers who get paid regardless of performance. Something had to change.

Hotspotcentral was founded with a simple vision: to make investment research easy and to make it even easier to invest in property development which, until recently, was restricted to wealthy individuals with large amounts of money.

Michael has advised high net-worth individuals in his formative career in financial services in South Africa and later advised banking institutions here and abroad as a subject matter expert in credit, fraud and money laundering and how to combat this using artificial intelligence systems including a "probabilistic coulomb energy" neural network. But that's another story.

As a banking advisor during the credit crunch Michael came to the conclusion that the system has to change in favour of the small budget investor. The person that can lose everything while the fund managers and those on the "inside-track" get the best deals and make money during any market-cycle.

Michael made it his mission to demystify property market and investment research by building a system that crunches millions of property market data points so that anyone, from 'mom and pop' to sophisticated investors, can quickly determine the merits of a prospective investment without subjective reference to the media or biased personal advice.

Hotspotcentral is a confluence of these various experiences: technology, financial advise and property development research. By bringing everyday investors together and pairing them up with experienced developers, anyone can now invest in well researched, risk mitigated property development opportunities that promise excess returns by taking back some of the costs that traditionally feed the investment bank middlemen.

By 'donating' the use of a very simple research tool to the general public, the use of which equips them to understand local market research, Hotspotcentral is able to bring small investors sourced online into a 'property crowdfunding' marketplace that is structured to meet stringent regulations for the investors benefit and peace-of-mind.

We are proud to say that we are the first and only Property Development Equity Crowdfunding service in Australia that is open to all, including everyday people or Retail investors, that is backed by some of the most innovative research and due diligence technology.

As an aside Michael is happily married with two beautiful daughters. After living the fast paced life of London and Sydney Michael now lives 40 minutes north of Byron Bay on 5 acres of rainforest in the Hinterland. His day revolves around communicating with various advisors across data, legal, compliance, property development etc.

He also claims to have once known the inner workings of a "probabilistic coulomb energy" neural network which is a self-learning algorithm used to detect unusual patterns of customer behaviour in offshore banking. It's all 'big brother' stuff that he prefers to use for the benefits of everyday investors.

Michael was always available, ready with details and happy to answer all queries. Researching, I discovered he had built a team of professionals and structure to undertake the developments. Their track record is great.


Image of Michael Fuller from Hotspotcentral
Hotspotcentral specialises in sourcing armchair property development investments underpinned by stringent risk mitigation and due diligence. Our highly sophisticated algorithmic research process has been fine tuned over nearly a decade enabling us to pinpoint highly profitable deals that meet  our stringent risk mitigation and profitability criteria. 

Some factors considered in the 100+ point Development Selection Score.

  • Development Selection Score™ of 75%+
  • The developer has 10+ years’ experience across a minimum of three successful projects
  • The developer has had at least one successful project prior with the chosen builder
  • The project timeframe is 12-18 months
  • The target return for investors seeking a return on equity is 20%+
  • The target discount for investors holding a property on completion is 15%-20%
  • The project is located in a high growth location as benchmarked by our priority DSR BoomScore™
  • The completed stock is in high demand in a location with relatively low supply coming online
  • The profit assumptions are backed by independent valuations and fixed priced contracts
  • The end product targeted a healthy mix of investors and owner-occupier
Michael Fuller founder at Hotspotcentral
"Like everyone else I wondered where to invest for better than average returns when I arrived in the "Lucky Country". I had experience in other property markets like London, Cape Town and Brussels but had no idea how to pick an "upturn suburb" with the promise of exceptional capital growth. 

All the "experts" had a clear personal bias on what I should do and commissions were an obvious motivator for them. I quickly realised I shared this concern with with many others and decided to create Boomtown to help me quickly get a snapshot of areas that were being recommended to me personally.

It became clear that even the experts have no idea and the problem is perpetuated in the popular property investing media.

"I knew Michael had some of the best people on his team"


We serve investors that are

• Everyday investors looking to create financial freedom through investing in property development

• SMSF trustees looking for excess market returns within an acceptable risk mitigation framework

• Existing property investors who want to invest in risk-mitigated property development without having the skills, resources or time typically required to succeed in property development

• Keen to escape the negative gearing trap and a reliance on debt and fast track their personal wealth and freedom.

The old ways of making money in property like ‘buy, hold, hope and pray’ and relying on negative gearing are over. The markets have changed bringing new opportunities:

Forget about waiting years to make money in property or taking on more negative gearing and the hassle of tenants. Our armchair developer programs means you can:

• Manufacture capital growth quickly

• Maximise your potential returns

• Establish additional income streams

• Lessen your exposure time in the market

• Realise your profit potential by investing at the cost end of creating real estate

• Minimise your overall risk & protect what you’ve already created

• Utilise property and/or the financial markets as a vehicle to generate additional income

Teaming up with seasoned property developers to create an advantage for myself, my family and friends and our valued investors was a natural extension of using Ai and algorithms to find organic capital growth. The beauty of Armchair Co-Development is we get access to significant profits without the effort or requisite skills required to find and take a project from concept to completion. There's also less reliance on the property market for capital growth and rental growth as this 'growth' is manufactured in the development process.


Over the years our data and opinion have featured extensively in the media.

Michael's commentary and property data insights have featured in most of the main stream property publications including his regular column in Smart Property Investment magazine (which is now entirely online).