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Our data-driven research and property development model are our 'secret sauce'.
Does it work? Our results speak for themselves.


What others are saying about investing
with Hotspotcentral.

I achieved a 42% return on my $100,000 over 19 months. Have told my friends and family and will definitely invest with Hotspotcentral again.

I have 2 properties in my name, plus 2 in my SMSF, all not completely paid off. Recently retired, I wanted to keep my investing going, but recognised that obtaining finance/loans would prove difficult.

Being part of a property development provided the ability to get an attractive return on investment but still within my limits. I did my research on Michael and his business, reading about Boomtown and his articles in the magazines built an interest. I was impressed by the quality and content of the articles. After joining Hotspotcentral and talking with Michael, I explored a number of his proposals in detail getting ready for “the one”. Michael was always available, ready with details and happy to answer all queries. Researching, I discovered he had built a team of professionals and structure to undertake the developments. Their track record is great. Onboarding was quite easy as paperwork etc was straightforward. Michael readily provided guidance where necessary. This return provides an opportunity to further invest in similar projects with the objective of better than average financial returns.

The results? Exceeded expectations and I'm very, very happy with the outcome! Not just financially, but the quality and detailed communications about the offer, the structure, the process, the progress reporting, and the project wrap-up including payout. All contributed to my comfort throughout the build, and all from my own armchair!

I Invested $100,000, returned $41,969 over 19 months. I am impressed with the project financial and time estimations. Whilst all contingency was used up, to come in on budget was very impressive. Congrats. Would I work with Hotspotcentral again? Yes indeed.

Will I recommend to my family and friends? Yes, I will (and have) speak about the opportunity and my experiences and success.

Did I feel safe? Seeing the involvement of AFSL and the professional stakeholders involved, there was no issue.

With regards Michael's chosen developer on this project: Communication was excellent. We don’t know all the bits that went wrong and caused headaches, but they worked through those and provided detailed and positive updates in a timely manner.

Project estimation sensational. My experience as PM in an IT environment is that estimation has not improved much over the 40 years in my industry. This project had a big tick across all three major components of Time, Cost and Quality.

John Morgan

A developer's 57% return on my cash without all the work. Everything ran smoothly.

Hotspotcentral has been fantastic, the project has run smoothly and the finished product looks great. I knew Michael had some... of the best people on his team. Discount achieved in 11 months was $90,500...rents achieved 10% higher than original agent appraisal. Annualised cash returns 57% on money invested. Property cash flow positive. So in short really happy with the return – as this is a developer's return without all the work.

I would definitely recommend Hotspotcentral and this strategy to my friends and family as my experience has been great.

Tracy Smith
SMSF Investor | Banker

As an algorithmic equities trader for a major investment bank, I had been looking for investment strategies that offered the chance of excess market returns.

I found Michael very easy to deal with. He operated with high level of integrity, objectivity and enthusiasm, but what also appealed to me was the high level of sophistication and innovation he brings to the area of residential property investment. I had been looking for investment strategies that offered the chance of excess market returns. Property development seemed to offer this, but not at digestible levels of risk for me; particularly for my first wholesale investment.

Michael offered me both these things.

The research was what first got my attention; a way of bringing a level of objectivity to property analysis and not being restricted to suburbs in the property magazines’ universe.

Years down the track my suburb choice still had good demand. We had several potential tenants expressing interest before the development was even completed, so there was clearly plenty demand in the area. To be completely fair, the development did go over in terms of timescales, but the fact I had no issues with profitability is testimony to the investment quality and how the downside was still managed.

There is never a 'silver bullet' with risk management but build quality, suburb selection, site location all helped to skew risk to the upside, and as an investor, my primary job is to seek investments that allow me to do that."

Chris Hayes
Equities Trader

The development opportunities they marry up with the analysis represent significant value.

Prior to finding this valuable service I would spend many hours reading magazine articles and trawling the internet for indications of suitable locations for property investment. Now I can simply wait for the Hotspotcentral research to tell me when and where to target based on their proprietary statistical scoring system and get on with my busy life.

In addition, the wholesale opportunities they marry up with the analysis, and the significant value they represent, provides me with piece of mind that risk is reduced and that I am well in front from the onset. [They have] been very friendly and helpful and displayed much integrity in our dealings.

I’m looking forward to my next investment with Hotspotcentral.

S. Somerville
IT Consultant

Michael, this is gold for investors. I wish I had heard of you sooner, I would probably be retired by now.

Dr Harry Seidler

I'm very satisfied with the result which allows me to spend more time with the people I love and to do charity work.

I'm Richard from the Netherlands. 25 years old. I was looking out for a solid investment, while I was studying in Australia. Property seemed very appealing to me and I started to search on the internet for a proper investment. Michael is a very data driven guy. He argues his projects with a lot of well researched data. That made me confident to start investing in this project. He was also willing to answer all my questions before I made the decision to start investing in this project (and I asked a lot of questions at forehand).

Hotspotcentral’s development manager is a blessing from the sky. During the whole project she was always extremely fast with responding to my questions and the time to explain everything I wanted to know. I learned a lot about development even it was in a passive way.

I would recommend Hotspotcentral to family and friends and I would definitely invest again with Hotspotcentral / Michael

Note - due to a change in his circumstances, Richard elected not to retain a property at cost but instead took a +40% cash return on his capital invested.

richard gort

Richard Gort
Student | Netherlans

More coming soon. Another successful project just completed.

Our latest project to complete and the results are in. Our 'cash only' investors enjoyed a 47% return in 18 months. But it gets better. Our passive developer investors each retained a townhouse at cost price or a 16% discount to bank valuation. Their return on equity invested averaged 51%. Another great result.

Harlen Rd
Salisbury QLD

Some recent completed projects.

Hotspotcentral has raised over $8million for select projects since inception.
We've had commitments for much more but finding a suitable project is our main priority.

33 townhouses 
Salisbury QLD

14 units 
Sherwood QLD

33 townhouses 
Doolandella QLD

4 townhouses 
Greenslopes QLD

5 townhouses 
Elanora QLD

8 townhouses 
Toowoomba QLD

BoomScore Results.

Boomtown in YIP Magazine

Our top suburbs picks by BoomScore™ in 2015 averaged 45%.

Each year we select a basket of suburbs by DSR BoomScore™ and compare them against various industry forecasts. Our choices seem to outperform everyone. In 2015 we cherry-picked 10 suburbs for later analysis. Here's what we found. Our number one suburb in the list averaged 45% capital growth on average while our top 10 averaged 21%. This shows the importance of using Boomtown to create an initial shortlist of suburbs based on your budget, your strategy and DSR BoomSore™.

We picked out top 10 by the stats alone. No on-the-ground research. It took us a few seconds. If we had scrutinised every suburb on our list we would probably have done even better.

DSR BoomScore™ means you can pick your very own suburb hotspots with scientific accuracy so that you can focus your deep-dive research on a bunch of high growth locations.

Talk about saving time and money.

We encourage users to verified the data independently online.

Top 50 BoomScore Picks average 40.97%.

In 2014 we did a little experiment with our founders little girl to illustrate how easy this is. She used Boomtown to pick a list of 50 suburbs by their DSR BoomScore™. Her results will amaze you. The market average capital growth was 12%.

She beat the market average by a whopping 26%.

We also compared her results to the 'top 50 suburbs' pubslished by a leading property magazine for the same period. This list is curated by the editor after submissions by numerous leading property market analysts.

Not surprisingly, her picks also beat the property experts by a significant margin.

As these experts use Boomtown more and more the results will eventually reduce as they combine the data with on-the-ground research.

For the everyday investor, this tool is very powerful and it's free to use.

Boomtown in YIP Magazine

extract from infographic. 

"Do you want a share in property development profits backed by Hotspotcentral's unique research? Do you want to invest for cash-only returns or retain a property at developer's cost price or 15%-25% below the retail price?"
Boomtown in YIP Magazine

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