John Morgan

"I achieved a 42% return over 19 months.
richard gort

Julie McMahon

"I'm very pleased with the result of 49.19% over 20 months.

Tracy Smith

"...a developer's 57% return on my cash without all the work.
richard gort

Chris Hayes

"As an algorithmic trader I was looking for excess market returns" 


Our data, market forecasts and co-development model have featured in over 23 publications including

Why invest in "passive" property development?

Are you tired of relying on the property market to deliver uncertain returns sometime in the future?

Maybe you're too busy to learn and then execute professional level research on the highest returning private market opportunities?

Now you can fast-track your wealth creation by investing in small property development projects backed by Hotspotcentral's proprietary algorithmic research technology and 10 year track record.

Discover how you too could own your next property at developers cost price in a high growth location or elect to earn straight 20%+ cash returns on your capital. 


"I got a 57% return on my capital invested for 12 months and settled on a  cash-flow positive property at a 21.7% discount to bank valuation. Prices and rents have subsequently outgrown the market average considerably.

Join 13,970 people that invest smarter with technology.

Don't waste your time trawling the web looking for the next property hotspot or investment tips only to get frustrated when family and work commitments get in the way.

Boomtown uses property data algorithms to crunch vast amounts of property data from nine public sources summarised into one secret number the property "experts" don't want you to know about. Now you can check the investment potential of a location based on your budget or target the 0.003% of suburbs with the highest ranking on the demand to supply ratio (DSR).

"Boomtown's AI technology is like having 1000 property market analysts in your pocket. It's very powerful"


"Discover how my 6-year old daughter picked 50 Suburbs in 2014 using Boomtown. They subsequently beat the property market national average growth by 26%.

Boomtown is totally free. No tricks to upgrade. Free. Free. Free.

Our media articles show time-poor investors how to invest successfully with confidence and certainty.

Michael Fuller, founder of Hotspotcentral has written extensively about the armchair co-developmemt strategy. His research techniques and proprietary investment algorithms have been used by thousands of investors and industry experts alike.

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Results matter.

We've been at the leading edge of property development crowd-funding and data driven research for nearly a decade. But it's the results that matter above all else. After each project we get detailed feedback from everyone involved and roll the learning into our investment selection algorithms so you can pick your next investment with confidence.