Supercharge your portfolio by investing in property development in high growth locations

Hotspotcentral is Australia's only data-driven property development and location research tech-business that educates and connects investors with highly profitable, risk mitigated property development investments.
It all began 10 years ago when we created Boomtown, the first AI property research platform that calculates the gap in supply and demand for 15,000 suburbs.

This is the future of real estate investing

Why limit your financial freedom with volatile stock market returns, near-zero interest rates and post COVID-19 property market uncertainty?

Hotspotcentral is Australia's only location research and property data tech-business providing investors with direct, private-market access to highly sort after, advanced stage residential property developments in only the very best locations.

Investment offers are made within an ASIC regulated environment and structured to ensure the highest integrity, independent compliance oversight and risk mitigation.

Access private market real estate development projects

Typically restricted to wealthy developers and family offices, now you can access highly profitable off-market development projects with highly accomplished property developers without taking on the bank debt or having to do all the work.

We make sure you get paid your fixed returns first before the Developer gets their profit share.

Research Technology and AI a first in Australia

Not all property development projects are equal. They may show similar returns on paper but there is no doubt the best results are achieved in superbly located projects.

Hotspotcentral's 'Boomscore's AI data-driven research platform has proven to be highly predictive of local suburb performance for over 10 years with spectacular results for investors.

Private Market Access

Until now only the very wealthy could partner directly with a developer. 

Risk Mitigation

Research and risk mitigation is what we do best so you we sleep better which is why risk-adjusted returns are the envy of our competitors.

Cutting Edge AI

We're Australia's only location research and property data tech-business providing investors with direct access to highly profitable residential property developments  in high growth locations.

Full Transparency

Our offer documents go into meaningful, fact-based detail so you can conduct focussed due diligence for informed decision making.

Independent Compliance

Our independent fund manager has experienced across various projects and holds no personal bias. He knows a good project when he sees one.

Regular Updates

Everyone loves our regular updates by SMS, video and email so they can feel a part of, and learn from, the development process. It's your money making someone  a beautiful home.

Deal With Our Founder

We are an exclusive and boutique investment management business which means we only take on a handful of investors each year. This means we keep it personal - you deal directly with our founder throughout.

Consistently Returns

Our direct-to-investor model means we cut the usual distribution costs so we can deliver 5-10% higher returns and we ensure these are paid ahead of the Developer's share.

How do our  investors actually make money?

Depending on which stage in the project you are investing your exit may differ. Mostly our investors get paid from proceeds of sales of the completed properties or when some value has been added like obtaining a DA approval and the site is on-sold. Your exit path is always known from the outset so you can plan ahead accordingly.

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Our media articles show time-poor investors how to invest successfully with confidence and certainty.

Michael Fuller, founder of Hotspotcentral has written extensively about property market research and investing in property development. His research techniques and proprietary investment algorithms have been used by thousands of investors and industry experts alike.

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