8 ways to easily beat the next property boom with little spare time

Michael Fuller

March 26, 2021

Property media headlines are telling us there is a property boom unfolding fast.

You may recall during the pandemic that some media headlines warned us that property prices could drop by as much as 30%. Thankfully that has not happened.

In fact, the pendulum has now swung in the opposite direction with the same people suggesting property prices could increase by 20% over the next 12 months.

Even if their predictions prove correct, we need to remember that they are quoting property market average expected growth. And therein lies the problem.  An average growth of 20% means there are other suburbs likely to perform much better than the average...and many more that will either experience price drops or no price movement at all. 

What most investors know is they don't want to sit around and watch prices soar and then arrive a little late to the party.

Now here's a guaranteed way to get that 20% average growth if it does happen. Buy one property in every suburb and wait for the average price growth of 20% to eventuate.

Unfortunately, we're not all Jeff Bezos. So what do you do? How do you get the price increases by having other investors arrive in your suburb and push your prices up?