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In 2009 Hotspotcentral revolutionised property location research with the launch of Boomtown. Boomtown uses artificial intelligence to analyse and rank order over 15,000 suburbs in Australia based on the ratio of supply and demand for units and house.

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Who can you trust when deciding where to invest?

The reality is most investors are time-poor and get frustrated trawling the internet trying to to decide where to invest for the best possible returns. Experienced investors know that most opportunities are not in their backyard with 15,000 suburbs each a micro-market worth consideration. But this presents some challenges for you that we've solved. Most investors have to rely on the 'expertise' of someone they do not know well. Most of this 'expertise' is rewarded with a commission or fee based on the purchase price and not results. Boomtown is like having 1,000 property market experts in your pocket. The algorithm crunch vast amounts of property data that ultimately tells you precisely which areas are set for imminent price and rent increases so you can get in ahead of the pack. It also tells you when it's time to sell.

How do you know if a suburb is better than most?

The 80/20 rules dictates that 80% of all capital growth is generated by 20% of the locations around Australia. Only artificial intelligence technology can find the very best of these locations factoring in vast pools of property data. Boomtown rates every suburb in Australia for their capital growth potential based on supply and demand. Our highly sophisticated artificial intelligence is back tested with over 7 years of property data from nine sources including the major property portals. Get the facts behind the suburb before you decide to commit your valuable investment dollars.

Boomtown in YIP Magazine

35/48 indicates potential to triple the national average.

9/48 indicates supply way exceeds demand and price likely to drop

When is the right time to sell?

Are you worried property values might decline? Knowing where this will happen across 15,000 suburbs is as important as knowing when to buy. Timing the market is possible using data-driven artificial intelligence. The BoomScore™ algorithm compares over 15,000 suburbs (split into units and houses) against 8 leading property statistics including auction clearance rate, vendor discounting, days on market and other. These stats together paint a very clear picture of the ratio of demand to supply for units or houses in a particular location. For example, we know a location with a BoomScore of 9/48 is considerably oversupplied. Price will probably decline soon so be sure to track the trend in the BoomScore for your property.

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Boomtown provides a handy way to identify the countries hottest suburbs without spending countless hours searching, sorting and analysing vast amounts of property information"


Boomtown in YIP Magazine

Find your own property investment hotspots
in simple steps

Set your strategy and budget?

Creating your shortlist of suburbs begins with your budget and investment strategy. You can prioritise cash-flow positive, discounted properties, exceptional capital growth or any other combination of investment metrics. Quickly set your preferences in Hotspot Finder and review a highly targeted shortlist in just one second. When you understand the data, your decisions will improve immensely.

Compare suburbs and cherry-pick the best of the best .

Creating your shortlist of suburbs begins with your budget and investment strategy. You can prioritise cash-flow positive, discounted, exceptional capital growth or any other combination of investment metrics. Quickly set your preferences and get your shortlist in one second. Boomtown displays those 1% of suburbs with a high BoomScore™that meet your budget and objectives so you can drill down into the data behind the result. When you understand the data, your decisions will improve immensely.

Quickly find suburbs set to Boom or Doom.

Now we up the ante. How do you pick the very best from a list of leading contenders for your investment dollars? The real power in the data is revealed in the charts. Imagine you shortlist is down to two suburbs with exactly the same BoomScore of 35 and the same typical purchase price. Examining the charts could reveal a Suburb A in decline from a high BoomScore of 40. The other suburb might be an 'upswing location' based on a BoomScore slow increase in BoomScore from 16 to 35. See the power of the charts? Plus - you can check the data trends for all the property statistics behind the BoomScore. In this example, we picked a project in Salisbury. Most of the stats like Auction Clearance Rate indicated a tightening market. Corelogic (Rp Data) subsequently proved the BoomScore correct after Salisbury produced the second highest rental increases in the area for all suburbs in Brisbane. Property prices increased as auction rates tightened. Warning! never rely on one stat alone. This can be misleading.

Boomtown in YIP Magazine

Boomtown in YIP Magazine

Get the detail behind the summary BoomScore.

The BoomScore is a summary score based on how well a suburb compares against 8 indicators of supply and demand. The media are guilty of focusing on one statistic like 'auction clearance rate'. This can be very dangerous to property investors. Boomtown does a multi-criteria analysis of 8 stats to give a more comprehensive and accurate comparison. Our data crawlers gather millions of data-points from 9 public sources and our systems prepare the data for analyse by the BoomScore algorithm. All this happens in the background after a few clicks. As an investor, you need to assess all 8 stats in combination to make a truly objective decision.

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Boomtown is a web app that works on all
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Just some ways Boomtown makes property investment easier.

  • Forget about searching through multiple websites. With Boomtown, you’ll find all
    the information right where you need it at the touch of a button.
  • Save time and reduce frustration. No more trawling the internet trying to make sense of all the information.
  • Get into an area before the crowd follow. Boomtown makes it easy to quickly pinpoint those suburbs set to explode before everyone else comes in pushing up the prices.
  • Boomtown shines a light on those suburbs with the greatest discounts and rentals yields and where demand is beginning to grow relative to supply.
  • Ever wondered which location is best for renovating to hold? Maybe you are looking for cash flow positive properties in areas with the greatest growth potential? No Problem!
  • Boomtown makes sense of all the data. One single score for each suburb tells you how likely it is to grow and how it compares to other locations.
  • Boomtown tells you which data is most accurate as not all property data suppliers are equal at any given time. Quality fluctuates and your decision depends on knowing which data you can trust and when.
  • Newbie or seasoned expert? Boomtown makes it easy to understand all property data and gives you the level of detail and explanation you need.
  • Our data is relied on by thousands of investors and industry professionals to narrow their research focus. Now you too can trust it to help you make smarter, more profitable investment decisions while reclaiming your weekend.

See how we use Boomtown.

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