Cheapest Suburbs for Capital Growth 2013

Michael Fuller

May 16, 2013

“Cheapest Suburbs with Highest Potential for Capital Growth” is a Redwerks report listing all suburbs in the $200k, $300k and $400k price brackets that have the greatest under-supply of property relative to the demand as indicated by the 8 statistics making up the overall DSR Score.

Please keep in mind that a high DSR Score or a low DSR Score in isolation is meaningless.

When we review and list a property in our hand picked listings we’ve used the the Property Selection Index (PSI) to examine the capital growth drivers in the area as well as the statistical elements comprising the DSR Score and it’s constituents parts (the 8 stats). The PSI also factors in the project and property attributes (north east facing, cost per sqm, builder rep, design vs target demographic etc).

So a property in a location with an average DSR Score (but one where all the data making up the score is trending upwards) with great fundamentals and property attributes too might very well make the list.

See ‘important information’ drop down above the property listing here for more detail.

The ‘cheapies’ report is a good start but only a very small part of the whole equation leading up to an investment decision.

Most properties marketed out there look the same at first glance. When we apply the 100 point analysis using the PSI algorithm the good properties (opportunities) start to appear as the lemons fall away. All the properties listed are also initially sourced via buyers agents who would charge their clients $10,000 for sourcing and recommending these exact properties. We see them ‘approved and recommended’ but even then most do not make the list after having been filtered through the PSI.

So please keep these considerations in mind when using the ‘cheapies report’ for targeting a location or purchase. We’ve done all the hard work for you and the vendor pays us so no need to trawl the internet all weekend for those sheep in wolves clothing.

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