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A powerful property investment performance indicator

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The typical Hotspotcentral investor relies on 'data intelligence' to pinpoint their next investment.

Boomtown helps pinpoint those suburbs that compare well on a number of supply and demand indicators...

But what about comparing an actual address?

Let me introduce to you a poweful property investment indicator that market analyst Michael Matusik says...

"has a very strong correlation to a properties investment performance?"

And for our Boomtown users...let me say what it's not...

...It's NOT Boomtown or the DSR BoomScore™ algorithm....

Yes, it's a very your pocket kinda tool... and independently proven to be very accurate...BUT...

... what if you want to evaluate the capital growth potential for a particular PROPERTY?

I'm talking about a tool that provides a single measure (a score) that indicates the desirability of a particular street address.

And let's be frank...what really drives capital growth? DESIRABILITY!

If more people want to live there (demand) then prices will increase.

Okay, those of you that have been reading my blogs will say: "what about supply"...."desirability is a measure of demand, but if developers pile in and add plenty of supply then prices could fall"...

Strictly speaking, you'd be correct.

At this point it might be a good idea to check out an actual case study video where we reveal this amazing too and show you it in action [at 5m:25s into the video]...You'll see how we used it as part of our initial analysis of "The Lomax".

Does this tool work?

Is it accurate?

Michael Matusik analysed 89,000 property sales in 24 Brisbane suburbs and found that properties with a high score (and I reveal what a high score threshold is in this case study video) ....

  • Sold for higher prices....
  • Grew faster in value...
  • Obtained higher rents ...
  • Had fewer vacancies...

AND....when it comes time for you to cash in your gains....the properties with a high score...

  • Sell Faster....

I think you'd agree, measuring a property's potential investment performance without personal bias or subjectivity is highly flawed...AND... research can also be frustrating...

... relying on industry spruikers can also be fraught with danger.


If you're about to invest in property need to make sure it stacks up on this one important metric.

You'll thank me for it 🙂

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