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Discover in ONE HOUR exactly how to get massive property development profits with only $10k without doing any of the work yourself. Discover how to get your next brand new property at 20% below bank valuation from the developer in a high growth location without any of the work. No more worrying about saving for a mortgage deposit and enjoy rental income in your pocket from day one. 

Here's what you'll discover
.... including real life examples:

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    How to 'invest' in property development without any of the work involved Property developers are happy to share the spoils when you know how to find them.
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    See how one investor paid 21.7% less for a townhouse in a 8kms from the CBD . She used her  development profit as a deposit after retrieving her original capital investment
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    How to get 15%-60% returns on your money without owning property. See how  retiree John earned 42% on his cash in 19 only months without the need to own more property.
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    How to get 6% - 9% yields (positive cash flow) from capital city propertiesWhen everyone else is getting 2-3% in the SAME location.
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    The UGLY DUCKLING deal. See how these investors used 'passive' development to settle on an apartment in a 'low capita growth' Brisbane suburb at 23% below retail prices with double their capital investment returned at settlement.
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    Discover the 3 problems we solve for developers.  And why they 'gift' most of their profit so you get an instant 20%+ discount on the fair market price - enough to use as a deposit.
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    How to use artificial intelligence to pick suburb where prices are set to soar. I'll give you the know-how and the technology to  started today (my young daughter's 'Top 50  suburbs' averaged 40.7% capital growth using this tool I'll give you for attending.
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    How to generate positive cash flow with no money down.  See how investors used their profit and bank debt to settle on a property without any of their own money left in the deal.
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    How I made $140,000 instant equity without putting any money into the deal Plus the developer also furnished the property with $100,000 of fixtures and fittings skyrocketing the rent.
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    Get access to off-market offers now - Now you can get access to 100% off-market offers not advertised on the internet. Offers that were once restricted to wealthy families and developers only.

This is the single most repeatable, done-for-you, way of getting huge developer profits without doing any of the work or risking large sums of money. Get a massive advantage over other investment strategies.

Join me on this free webcast to discover how you could create your own high profit deals by partnering with one of our pre-selected residential developers who do all the work.

Michael Fuller founder at Hotspotcentral

Hi, It's Michael Fuller here.

​10 years ago when I moved to Australia property investing for me stalled. I couldn't get a mortgage and I had no idea where to invest for maximum returns and I certainly did not know who I could trust for impartial advice.

​As a result, like many investors, I spent a fortune in time away from family and in money on property investing courses and seminars. But I still got no closer to understanding where to invest for my budget (assuming I could get a mortgage) and strategy e.g, suburbs best for renovating to sell as opposed to renovating to rent. 

With my background in advising banks on using artificial intelligence systems (e.g. the Probalistic Coloumb Energy Neural Network) to automate much of the credit, fraud and money laundering decisioning process, I built Boomtown - a simple web app - about 6 years ago that tells investors where to focus their research by rating 15,000 suburbs (units and houses) based on how they compare against 8 property market indicators that together represent a powerful measure of how demand for property compares to the supply in an area. 

So spotting areas with the greatest potential for market based capital growth was achieved using big data and cutting-edge technology.

But - despite the results, not all data is accurate and not all areas grew in value...with a high degree of certainty.

After writing my "hotspotting" column for SPI magazine and providing my Boomtown data to similar property investing media, I decided there had to be a better way for investors to get better returns with more certainty i.e. without relying on the property market. I also discovered that providing capital to experienced property developers in partnership with my clients meant we were able to secure brand new property with great tax benefits (e.g. depreciation) areas with greater than average capital growth a truly significant discount to what every other "retail" investor paid for the exact same property. I elaborate in this webcast.

Today, I bring like-minded people together who want to invest in well researched property development projects to boost their returns independent of market conditions in a safe environment so we can build our families future with confidence and certainty.

In this webcast, you will NOT be offered coaching, training or anything that costs you money or fees. I am not a buyers agent pretending to be a research guru. I'm not a property marketer or property mentor or coach. This is a totally 'done-for-you' service that has been fine-tuned over time and delivered in a very tight ASIC regulated environment.

I don't charge a fee but bill the project instead - all disclosed in the offer documents, of course. I also give away access to my research tools and some valuable bonuses just for taking the time to attend this webcast today for you and you family.

Today, you'll discover exactly how you can get started with very little capital regardless of your experience and time constraints.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar soon.

Your perspective on "traditional" investing will change.



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Tracy, a busy banker and SMSF investor earned 57% in less than one year and retained a property at 21.7% below market value.

John, a retiree, earned 42% on his cash invested after 19 months. Has 4 properties - 2 properties in SMSF - but couldn't get more loans so chose passive development instead.

Julie is very busy and earned 49.19% on her cash invested. "Trying to manage full time work and invest on my own? Hotspotcentral did it all"


I value your time, so as a token of my appreciation for attending I'm going to give you 3 bonus gifts that will help you make smarter investment decisions and hopefully enjoy financial freedom sooner. 


Boomtown takes the guesswork out of finding your own property hotspots using big data algorithms. 15,000 suburbs are rated depending on how they compare on 8 key market indicators.


Cheat Sheet # 1 - Ever wondered which property market indicators are the most powerful predictors of cash flow and capital growth at the suburb level? This cheat-sheet explains how to find and use these indicators.


Cheat Sheet # 2 - If you want to turbocharge the value of your investment portfolio using 'manufactured' capital growth and 'boosted' rental yields, then this cheat-sheet makes it simple.

See how  Tracy Smith saved $127,000 on a $465,000 townhouse getting superior developer profits "without any of the work"

Imagine saving $127,000 on your next $465,000 property investment!
SMSF Investor, Tracy Smith tells us how she went about achieving these amazing results by investing in passive (done for you) small scale property development. 

Cash Return in 12 months
Discount to banks mortgage valuation

Imagine getting instant capital growth of 25% regardless of the condition of the property market?
Tracy did after watching this webinar. 

Advice Warning! This is an educational webcast only. All of the opinions and statements offered on this page and on the webinar are done in good faith. In the event of a client sharing their story, no remuneration was offered or paid to the client for sharing their story. The opinions contained on the page, and in the webinar may be short-term in nature and are subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments involve substantial monetary risk, including the risk of losing one's entire investment. This webinar is general in nature and you should seek independent financial advice from a professional of your choosing before implementing any of the strategies provided. 

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