Build wealth intelligently.
In any property cycle.
Supercharge your property portfolio and SMSF with property development. Minimum $10,000 investment.
Our technology and investment model is your competitive advantage.
CASE STUDY (VIDEO): Discover how these investors got their townhouse at 21.7% below bank valuation in a high growth suburb. Rents soared 10% during construction. Investors earned 57% return on cash invested. Discount enough for deposit after they retrieved full initial deposit.
A sample of some feedback we've received.
A developer's 57% cash-on-cash return + property at 21.7% discount without all the work.

Hotspotcentral has been fantastic, the project has run smoothly and the finished product looks great. I knew Michael had some of the best people on his team. Discount achieved in 11 months was $90,500...rents achieved 10% higher than original agent appraisal. Annualised cash returns 57% on money invested. Property cash flow positive. So in short really happy with the return – as this is a developer's return without all the work. I would definitely recommend Hotspotcentral and this strategy to my friends and family as my experience has been great.

Tracy Smith

Chris Hayes

I had been looking for investment strategies that offered the chance of excess market returns

I found Michael very easy to deal with. He operated with high level of integrity, objectivity and enthusiasm, but what also appealed to me was the high level of sophistication and innovation he brings to the area of residential property investment. I had been looking for investment strategies that offered the chance of excess market returns. Property development seemed to offer this, but not at digestible levels of risk for me; particularly for my first wholesale investment. Michael offered me both these things. The research was what first got my attention; a way of bringing a level of objectivity to property analysis and not being restricted to suburbs in the property magazines’ universe. Years down the track my suburb choice still had good demand. We had several potential tenants expressing interest before the development was even completed, so there was clearly plenty demand in the area. To be completely fair, the development did go over in terms of timescales, but the fact I had no issues with profitability is testimony to the investment quality and how the downside was still managed. There is never a 'silver bullet' with risk management but build quality, suburb selection, site location all helped to skew risk to the upside, and as an investor, my primary job is to seek investments that allow me to do that."

The wholesale opportunities they marry up with the analysis represent significant value

Prior to finding this valuable service I would spend many hours reading magazine articles and trawling the internet for indications of suitable locations for property investment. Now I can simply wait for the Hotspotcentral research to tell me when and where to target based on their proprietary statistical scoring system and get on with my busy life. In addition, the wholesale opportunities they marry up with the analysis, and the significant value they represent, provides me with piece of mind that risk is reduced and that I am well in front from the onset. [They have] been very friendly and helpful and displayed much integrity in our dealings. I’m looking forward to my next investment with Hotspotcentral.

Steven Somerville

Dr Harry Seidler

Michael....this is gold for investors...I wish I had heard of you sooner...I would probably be retired by now
The stats don't lie. Most investors have got it wrong.
Traditional property investment is inefficient and costly and most investors rely on uncertain market forces to build wealth. Our model gives investors certainty with access to manufactured capital growth when retaining a property or a share of the development returns if investing cash only.
It's a smarter way to invest.
72 %

Investors only own one property

66 %

Investors paying money in after rent

0.9 %

Investors own six or more properties

Source: Corelogic | ATO

Buy under market value.
Get more properties sooner. 
Sophisticated investors never pay retail prices. They prefer to invest at cost and share in the development profits whether they retain a property on completion of the project or not.

Invest from $10,000

30 % Projected Fixed Return*
20 Months
27 DRS BoomScore™
Sold Out!

Only 2 townhouses remain with Stamp Duty paid.

  • Top performing Brisbane Location
  • Townhouses endorsed by Michael Matusik
  • 2nd highest rental growth suburb in Brisbane during construction
  • 2 months to completion
  • Cash positive from day 1
Some recent developments
$7,540,000 funds raised for 8 projects
29 /48 BoomScore™
100 % Funded

Annualised Cash Return


Discount to market value




27 /48 BoomScore™
100 % Funded

Annualised Cash Return


Discount to market value



DA obtained

33 /48 BoomScore™
100 % Funded

Annualised Cash Return


Discount on completion



Nearing completion

27 /48 BoomScore™
100 % Funded

Annualised Return


Discount on completion



Nearing completion

What we've said in the media.

Michael Fuller, founder of Hotspotcentral has written extensively about the armchair co-developmemt strategy. His research techniques and proprietary investment algorithms have been used by thousands of investors and industry experts alike.

Part 1

Part 2

DSR BoomScore™ one of our proprietary in-house research tools. Pick investment locations with 97% scientific accuracy.*

Boomtown grabs millions of data points from multiple public sources and generates 8 leading indicators of supply and demand

Each indicator is compared to known benchmarks to calculate the ratio of demand to supply for units and houses in 15,000 suburbs. That's 30,000 micro property markets measured in seconds.

The DSR BoomScore™generated rates each suburb (houses and units) from 0 to 48:

  • 48 suggests a suburb with a high probability of imminent capital growth
  • 24 is a suburb in theoretical balance (supply meets demand)
  • 0 is a suburb with a high chance of price decline due to over supply relative to demand

Hotspotcentral's Top 50 suburbs for 2014 selected using the DSR BoomScore™ averaged 40.97% against a market average of 12%. That's a staggering 26% difference. See More

*based on an independent audit by the Data Group.


Join over 13,970 investors who use Boomtown and our insights to pick their own investment hotspots with scientific accuracy.

Boomtown is a web app which works on all browsers both mobile and desktop:

"There;s now a quick and easy way to choose boom suburbs"  Read More

Invest in property development from only $10,000.
Some common questions.

What does Hotspotcentral do?

Is my  money safe?

How is this investment structured?

How much do I need to invest?

Are your developments only in Queensland?

How does Hotspotcentral make its money?

How does Hotspotcentral choose its investors?

Why would the developer gift their profit to me?

How long is my money tied up for?

How am I kept informed during my project?

Is there a minimum Return on Investment (ROI) I can expect?

What is Hotspotcentral's track record?

Are my returns guaranteed?

What happens if the builder or developer goes broke?

What level of finishes can we expect?

Are the deals cash flow positive once built and after I've extracted my full investment?

Do we have to pay interest during construction?

If I can repeat the process, how many deals are available to me?

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