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Port Macquarie Development

 Get 30% / 12-14 months* ​ 
 Round 1 investors paid 30% 

Port Macquarie 20 lot land subdivision

"This site is considered to be amongst the best,
if not the best site still available for residential development in Port Macquarie."
-  local PMQ town planner for over forty years  -

Port Macquarie is the 4th most searched suburb on Domain
 -  -

Minimum Investment

12-14 months
Expected Project Term

30% Return
Expected Fixed Dividend


Please note the offer summary below is subject to the risks outlined in the official information memorandum which takes precedence over all information below.



You are only moments away from accessing a 30% fixed dividend return in a boutique land subdivision in the fourth most searched location (on Domain) in Australia.

Investors in round #1 of the this project have just earned a 30% fixed return on approval of the DA in Dec 2018 ... and now it's your turn if you missed out. If you had any doubt when the first offer launched a year ago, by now you'd be thinking the results speak for themselves.

Capital raised in this offer will be used to fund the construction and sales of twenty of the fifty proposed home sites in the highly desirable "Transit Hill' central location in Port Macquarie, NSW.

Your returns are not directly tied to the sub division AND construction of the homes but rather accrue when the buyer settles the purchase of the home site prior to construction of their home. This feature ensures your returns are paid in a timely manner and in priority over any other distributions made to the developer.

Additionally, in the unlikely event the profit pool shrinks from say $10.5m to $1.5m, your returns are unlikely to be impacted given there would still be sufficient profit. Given the quality and location of this project, this magnitude of profit degradation is simply unlikely but it serves as a good illustration.

In the 10 years of creating passive or armchair developments across multiple developers and locations, this is a stand out offer with very little downside in my opinion.


Michael Fuller
Project Research Analyst
founder Hotspotcentral

Located in a high demand, established area targeting owner-occupiers who want sea views and to be close to everything

Summary Key Reasons to Invest

Existing Investors paid

Round 1 investors paid 30% as promised. Now you can invest in (lower risk) round 2 for ....30%

Exceptional site

Local PMQ town planning veteran of 40 years says: ""This site is considered to be amongst the best, if not the best site still available for residential development" (sites with "poll-position" almost always get the best results)

High demand says it's the 4th most searched location in Australia. Properties sell in 71 days on average.

Low supply 

Despite high demand, only 0.01% of similar, high demand properties available with extreme lid on comparable supply.

Target owner-occupiers

The home sites are specifically targeting owner-occupiers as opposed to investors

Low supply 

Despite high demand, only 0.01% of similar, high demand properties available with extreme lid on comparable supply.

You get paid first

  • $1.5m out of the $10.5m projected profit is quarantined for your returns before the developer or other 'common' unit holders can access their share of the profit/returns which means sales or prices would have to be massively affected before YOUR profit (fixed dividend) is affected,
  • Your payout is paid on sales of first 20 lots in order of application and payment receipt: invest early.. get paid early... no waiting for homes to be built...profits on land sale only.

DA approved

 approval obtained Dec 2018 which lowers the project risk considerably yet you still get paid  an above market return of 30% in approx. 12-14 months

Strong data

Local market data supports volume of sales, price of home sites and (importantly) market absorption rate required to achieve profit assumptions. 

Dominant price segment 

Home sites priced in the most active price segment in this market with only;

Strong team

  • Developer has a sterling track record over 20 years and is a personal friend of Michael Fuller's with great integrity so "I trust him with my family money, my friends money and my long term investors money
  • Guardian Securities as Australian Financial Services Licensee has decades experience providing compliance and due diligence on development offers
  • Michael Fuller has researched and supported similar projects over the last 10 years with solid success

Funds Trust Account

Your initial funds stay in the AFSL trust account until transferred to developer for authorised use only

Updates and transparency

you get regular updates including voice, video, written and images provided on the project page see updates. We believe in full transparency

SMSF etc

Suits SMSF, company, trusts and individual investors

Easy to invest 

Easy online application form...conditional need to print to form for later if you need to get more information (so good reason to get started)

Investor Stories

Tracy, a busy banker and SMSF investor earned 57% in less than one year and retained a property at 21.7% below market value.

John, a retiree, earned 42% on his cash invested after 19 months. Has 4 properties - 2 properties in SMSF - but couldn't get more loans so chose passive development instead.

Julie is very busy and earned 49.19% on her cash invested. "Trying to manage full time work and invest on my own? Hotspotcentral did it all"

Offer Highlights

Incredible sea views

This last infill site in the prestigious Transit Hill, central Port Macquarie comes with  outstanding sea views. The site has stood empty for many decades after remaining in the same family for  multiple generations.

The best site in Port Macquarie

Most home owners in Port Macquarie want sea views but also to be located near everything the town has to offer. A 40 year town planning veteran in Port Macquarie said this:

"This site is considered to be amongst the best, if not THE best site for residential development in Port Macquarie"

Did you know?

The site is located in the sought-after pocket of Transit Hill in Port Macquarie being the last in-fill development land subdivision in central Port Macquarie. Homes sell for more than $1,000,000 in the "Transit Hill" area and according to, Port Macquarie is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW: "No longer just attracting retirees, families are flocking here for the great schools and friendly communities. Across Australia, it is the fourth most searched for town on Demand is not just from home-buyers but those looking for a great investment. Most price ranges are selling fast and occasionally sight-unseen. It’s certainly a seller’s market."

High demand and virtually no supply

Your returns are dependent on the developer selling a sufficient number of properties in an agreed time period, at a specific price. To verify the market can absorb the number of properties being created we look at

  • 89 properties were sold in PMQ in 2018 with;
  • 25 sales in a similar price bracket...and... with virtually no competing stock left on the market in this price range today, it looks like demand will likely grow for the last remaining sea view homes in the area. 
  • The average time to sell houses in PMQ is only 71 days with median prices  remaining constant over the last 24 months in contrast to many other markets in Australia.
  • Please read the information memorandum for further market insights and detail supporting the feasibility assumptions.
Boomscore data for Port Macquarie

source: boomscore

Preference returns paid ahead of developer

This is a strong risk mitigation feature.
You will be issued with a preference unit in the  development trust. This means you get first right to the profits up to 30% on your invested capital. The remaining profit then goes to the developer without investors expected to wait for the whole project to sell out nor waiting for the houses to be built before settlement and profit distribution occurs.

With a total of $10.5m  projected profits to fund the investors returns of $1.5m profits would have to be downgraded by $9m before your profit share is reduced.

As land sales occur, investors will be paid in the order they entered the project. So the sooner you invest, the sooner you get paid (and get a limited allocation of units).

DA approved site

Developing a DA approved site is less risky than one without a DA. 

Investors in round 1 funded the DA costs for a 30% fixed return. Nine out of 10 investors in round 1 have elected to roll over their capital and 30% dividend into round 2 for an additional 30%: a $100k investment rolled over into round 2 would therefore return approx. 70% over 2.5 years.

Don't you wish you invested in round one too 🙂

Multi-layered due diligence

Hotspotcentral has become a 'gatekeeper' to hundreds of potential passive development offers over the last 10 years. The reality is few small developers understand how to conduct 'deep dive' research into local market data that supports the turnover and profit assumptions behind their projected returns.

Hotspotcentral provides independent location and project research and due diligence beyond that provided by the developer alone. We build research systems like Boomtown/Boomscore that are relied upon by over 10,000 property investors and industry professionals: systems that quickly indicate the 'development suitability' of a location in view of current market conditions.

Guardian Securities has provided the ASIC compliance oversight on these sorts projects for 15 years and are very adept at testing the profitability and investment assumptions.

This multi-layered research and due diligence can provide investors with additional peace-of-mind.

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12-14 months (estimated)




Preference ​Unit



If you have any questions, please book a call with our director, Michael Fuller or text your questions
directly on 0435 918 136

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