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Port Macquarie Development

Port Macquarie 20 lot land subdivision

"This site is considered to be amongst the best,
if not the best site still available for residential development in Port Macquarie."
-  local PMQ town planner for over forty years  -

Port Macquarie is the 4th most searched suburb on Domain
 -  -


12 months
Actual Project Term

30% Return
Actual Return



12-14 months
Expected Project Term

30% Return
Expected Return



And be notified of a new opportunity that's coming soon


"This site is considered to be amongst the best, if not the best site still available for residential development in Port Macquarie"

Investment Highlight​s

  • Security: Your 30% fixed dividend is 'quarantined' against reduction in profits and this offer is issued by independent AFSL compliance managers
  • Proven: investors already paid 30% in stage 1 with DA obtained on time
  • Secured Profits: only based on sale of 20 lots (not house, just land)
  • Trusted people: Highly experienced Developer with 100% track record. Hotspotcentral client results speak for themselves
  • High demand: location #4 most searched on with only 72 days average time to sell
  • Very low supply: home sites in most in-demand price bracket with 0.01% stock on market percent to meet demand
  • Last infill site: meaning established area close to town centre, schools, amenties and the best beaches
  • On time: all project stages met so far with DA approval obtained Dec 2018
  • Transparency: everyone loves our regular sms, video and email updates with full transparency
  • Independent AFSL: we outsource our ASIC commitments for your peace-of-mind and to ensure independent due diligence, compliance and funds trust account.


Capital raised in this offer will be used to repay those investors exiting from the first round raising, part settlement of the site (with bank debt) and professional fees for home designs to take the site from 35 Lots to 47 home sites permitted under current DA. Current equity in the site as per recent valuations cover the investors funds raised in this offer with investors being paid first the moment revenue from land sales occur.

Investor returns are not dependent on construction of the homes.

First stage investors have been paid a 30% fixed return in just over 12 months. If you missed out on round one then you are only moments away from accessing another 30% fixed dividend return in this truly boutique land subdivision.

Return of bank debt and investor capital + dividends (30%) are only tied to the sale of 20 of the home sites.

Additionally, we have negotiated a preference return on your investment which means your 30% of the $10.5 million projected profit - $750,000 of $2.5m raised -  is quarantined giving you more certainty.

Return distributions begin when the home site purchaser settles prior to construction of their home. This feature ensures your returns are paid in a timely manner and in priority over any other distributions made to the developer.

If you missed out on the first 30% returns paid in 12 months then here's your opportunity to participate in an investment once restricted to the wealthy and 'gig end of town' only. 

I hope you join us on another very exciting project. Please review what others have said about our recent performance including actual returns, project updates, investor communications etc.

Your sincerely,
Michael Fuller

Summary Key Reasons to Invest

Existing Investors paid

Round 1 investors paid 30% as promised. Now you can invest in (lower risk) round 2 for ....30%

Exceptional site

Local PMQ town planning veteran of 40 years says: ""This site is considered to be amongst the best, if not the best site still available for residential development" (sites with "poll-position" almost always get the best results)

High demand says it's the 4th most searched location in Australia. Properties sell in 71 days on average

Low supply 

Despite high demand, only 0.01% of similar, high demand properties are available which means demand outweighs supply

Targeting home owners

The home sites are specifically targeted at the buoyant homeowner market and not investors

Land sales only

Profit distributions occur on land settlement and NOT after construction of the homes. This reduces the term of investment considerably

You get paid first

  • $Up to $1.5m out of the $10.5m projected profit is quarantined for your returns before the developer or other 'common' unit holders can access their share of the profit/returns which means sales or prices would have to be massively affected before YOUR profit (30% fixed dividend) is affected,
  • Your payout is paid on sales of first 20 lots in order of application and payment receipt: invest early.. get paid early... no waiting for homes to be built...profits on land sale only

DA approved

 approval obtained Dec 2018 which lowers the project risk considerably yet you still get paid  an above market return of 30% in approx. 12-14 months

Strong market data

Local market data supports volume of sales, price of home sites and (importantly) market absorption rate required to achieve profit assumptions. There are many micro-markets bucking the general property market.

Dominant price segment 

Home sites priced for the most in-demand price segment in this market

Strong team

  • Developer has a sterling track record over 20 years and is a personal friend of Michael Fuller's with great integrity so "I trust him with my family money, my friends money and my long term investors money"
  • Guardian Securities as Australian Financial Services Licensee has decades of experience providing compliance and due diligence on these property development offers
  • Michael Fuller has researched and supported similar projects over the last 10 years with solid success

Funds Trust Account

Your initial funds stay in the AFSL trust account until transferred to developer for authorised use only

Updates and transparency

you get regular updates including voice, video, written and images provided on the project page. We believe in full transparency and our updates are a key feature in our client testimonials

Suits many investors types

Suits SMSF, company, trusts and individual investors

Easy to invest 

Easy online application form..easy need to print for form for later if you need to get more information (so good reason to get started)

I have seen my investment grow 30% in Port Macquarie stage 1

"I have seen my investment grow 30% in stage 1 of the Port Macquarie project in 12 months and can now make an additional 30%. These have been the best investments I’ve made with continued growth even during the housing market downturn in the past 18 months (2017-2019). Oh - and that's us at Disneyland in 2019 - a reward after the Port Macquarie payout. More >

The Mansfields - Investors in stage 1

Throughout the entire project the updates were stand out

"Just to let you know Michael, as I am sure you will be happy to hear of
continued success, I now have borrowing capacity and the 30% we earned in the Port Macquarie deal (and of course our initial 50K) has allowed us to purchase another two investment properties. More >

The Amerys - Investors in stage 1

Key Reasons to Invest

Incredible sea views

One of the most desirable features of a family home - amazing sea views.

The best site in Port Macquarie

Proximity to all the lifestyle amenities of Port Macquarie. This is not a development in the middle of nowhere. It's a new gated estate in the centre of Port Macquarie. No wonder the locals of excited.

Current equity created covers your capital invested

Obtaining the DA approval for 35 lots was the main purpose of the funds raised in round #1. At this time there was no equity in the site so investors were offered a solid 30% for the risk.

Now that the DA is approved with an equity creation of $2.5m - site now valued at $5m with DA and with $2.5m owed to the land owners -  the developer has decided to obtain the designs for 47 houses as permitted under the current 35 lot approval using funds from this second stage raising.  This will created an additional $2m+ in equity or a total of $4.5m in equity to back your capital invested and fixed dividend returns of 30%. 

Did you know?

The site is located in the sought-after pocket of Transit Hill in Port Macquarie being the last in-fill development land subdivision in central Port Macquarie. Homes sell for more than $1,000,000 in the "Transit Hill" area and according to, Port Macquarie is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW: "No longer just attracting retirees, families are flocking here for the great schools and friendly communities. Across Australia, it is the fourth most searched for town on Demand is not just from home-buyers but those looking for a great investment. Most price ranges are selling fast and occasionally sight-unseen. It’s certainly a seller’s market."

High demand and virtually no comparable supply

Returns are dependent on the developer selling a sufficient number of properties in an agreed time period, at a specific price. To verify the market can absorb the number of properties being created we look at

  • 89 properties were sold in PMQ in 2018 with;
  • 25 sales in a similar price bracket...and... with virtually no competing stock left on the market in this price range today, it looks like demand will likely grow for the last remaining sea view homes in the area. 
  • The average time to sell houses in PMQ is only 71 days with median prices  remaining constant over the last 24 months in contrast to many other markets in Australia.
  • Please read the information memorandum for further market insights and detail supporting the feasibility assumptions.

Don't forget. Your returns are paid out of the first $750,000 of the projected $10.5m profit. Better still - you don't have to wait for the whole project to complete like investing in units for example. As they lots sell, returns are distributed.

Boomscore data for Port Macquarie

source: boomscore

Preference returns paid ahead of developer

This is a strong risk mitigation feature.
You will be issued with a preference unit in the  development trust. This means you get first right to the profits up to 30% on your invested capital. The remaining profit then goes to the developer without investors expected to wait for the whole project to sell out nor waiting for the houses to be built before settlement and profit distribution occurs.

With a total of $10.5m  projected profits to fund the investors returns of $1.5m profits would have to be downgraded by $9m before your profit share is reduced.

As land sales occur, investors will be paid in the order they entered the project. So the sooner you invest, the sooner you get paid (and get a limited allocation of units).

DA approved site

Developing a DA approved site is less risky than one without a DA. 

Investors in round 1 funded the DA costs for a 30% fixed return. Nine out of 10 investors in round 1 have elected to roll over their capital and 30% dividend into round 2 for an additional 30%: a $100k investment rolled over into round 2 would therefore return approx. 70% over 2.5 years.

Don't you wish you invested in round one too 🙂

Multi-layered due diligence

Hotspotcentral has become a 'gatekeeper' to hundreds of potential passive development offers over the last 10 years. The reality is few small developers understand how to conduct 'deep dive' research into local market data that supports the turnover and profit assumptions behind their projected returns.

Hotspotcentral provides independent location and project research and due diligence beyond that provided by the developer alone. We build research systems like Boomtown/Boomscore that are relied upon by over 10,000 property investors and industry professionals: systems that quickly indicate the 'development suitability' of a location in view of current market conditions.

Guardian Securities has provided the ASIC compliance oversight on these sorts projects for 15 years and are very adept at testing the profitability and investment assumptions.

This multi-layered research and due diligence can provide investors with additional peace-of-mind.

Project Update Archive

8 April 2019 - capital raise stage 2 opens to all
Yep, That's right folks. If you missed out on earning 30% in stage 1 of the project then now is the time to get involved. The DA approval was obtained as planned and the second phase of construction has begun. You will struggle to find a project with these credentials in the current market. 

15 March, 2019 - capital raise stage 2 begins
"PMQ Offer#2" capital raising begins with current clients only. 90% of existing investors decide to reinvest their capital from PMQ Offer #1 now that their 30% fixed dividend becomes due.

19th December 2018
WE GOT THE DA everyone. Christmas has come 5 days early 🙂

24th October 2018

Back to work yesterday after an overseas break with my family and looking forward to getting back in the groove again.

Whilst away I was still able to communicate with my consultants and Council to make sure we are rolling along. We had a little bit of feedback from Council requesting a ’preliminary’ VMP (Vegetation Management Plan). We responded to say we believe we have provided this information in our ecology report and typically a condition of consent would require a full blown VMP.

Council were due yesterday to provide an update from their ecology department on the VMP request and also comments from their engineering department to my consultants. We are yet to receive this update and I have sent an email to a number of Council staff this morning requesting the update.


Rob Scott 

24th October 2018

Back to work yesterday after an overseas break with my family and looking forward to getting back in the groove again.

Whilst away I was still able to communicate with my consultants and Council to make sure we are rolling along. We had a little bit of feedback from Council requesting a ’preliminary’ VMP (Vegetation Management Plan). We responded to say we believe we have provided this information in our ecology report and typically a condition of consent would require a full blown VMP.

Council were due yesterday to provide an update from their ecology department on the VMP request and also comments from their engineering department to my consultants. We are yet to receive this update and I have sent an email to a number of Council staff this morning requesting the update.


Rob Scott 

27th July 2018

Good morning Mike,

My consultant team have now completed and lodged with Council the engineering and stormwater detail.

You may recall from my last update that this particular Council was requiring an extra level in engineering work for all new DA applications, almost to that of construction certificate detail. This level of engineering detail has served us well because we were able to design the stormwater capacity to suit the yield for our future integrated development application.

In the context of this project, council have indicated they would be happy to support a proposal which includes townhouses at the base of the site. The townhouses would be Torrens Titled as opposed to strata titled. The roads would be owned by the collective residents.
- Michael F -

At present my focus is on the shorter approval time route for the standard subdivision plan which will create certainty and value for our investors, I expect this application to be approved around September/October ‘18.

Soon I will be preparing an ‘integrated’ development application (a little longer time frame and post investor participation) to overlay the standard subdivision plan. This will increase our yield up to approximately 48 plus Lots by having smaller Lots with different rules applying such as internal roads will become part of the body corporate, a bit like a townhouse site.

To cater for the future increase in yield, our we required a little more space for stormwater and our current yield is now 35 Lots (was 36).

The amended plan is currently on exhibition re-notification from 24th July to 6th August, then we await Council and RFS (Rural Fire Service) responses.

I have also received correspondence that we do NOT need to complete a Koala Habitat Plan of Management.

I think we’ve now completed the bulk of the work and have amended plans to satisfy Council and neighbouring comments.



6th September 2018

Hi Mike,

All is going as expected with Port, not a great deal to update you on as all our recent additional information requested by Council is still being assessed. 

I did phone Council’s planning officer earlier in the week just to nudge them along and see if they required anything else. It is quite possible that we “should” have an approval mid to late October as long as Council’s internal engineering department reports internally in a timely manner. 

I have also been speaking with suitable architects and builders for the next phase of development which is to design and build specific house land packages over approximately 50% of the site. This means a higher density development. 

Once I have obtained approval for the current subdivision application, I will be applying to Council for an “integrated” development application to increase Lot yield. This is always a conservative approach to build value and certainty step by step.

I am currently overseas in the UK and Europe returning 22nd October and would consider inviting your investors to participate in the second development phase to further strengthen our relationships for the future. 

Broadly speaking, investor participation would include settlement of the site.

Then there would be some bank funding for construction of subdivision roads and services. Return of capital and profits to investors would be generated from the sale of house and land packages. Note: I will need to discuss the timing with you, but typically under a house land package, the purchaser would settle the block of land with developer/investor after roads and services constructed eg registration of land, then the purchaser settles the house with builder upon completion of home. 

The benefits of this process is the developer does not pay for home construction and receives principal/profits back upon land registration instead of house completion. 

I can speak to you with more accuracy upon my return. 


Rob Scott

13 June 2018

Text message from Rob

Hi Mike,

Further to your question about how we are tracking to the original timelines, my consultant has come back to me saying they expect the DA approval at the end of August (I think this is tight, I'd say more like Sept) and NO Koala Habit Plan required - woo hoo!

13 June 2018

By Michael Fuller

I've been keeping an eye on the Port Macquarie market as I'm obviously keen to ensure the final development approval is met with a favourable valuation on the site. This in turn will help with funding for the extraction of the equity to repay investors.

There is no doubt in my mind the market there continues to remain solid when markets like Sydney and Melbourne are sliding. Anecdotally, and what I've read in the press, Port Mac is being fuelled largely by those seeking an affordable sea-change away from the capital cities.

As far as value goes it's hard to beat at the moment and, I imagine, will continue to do so over the next few years if the BoomScore data is anything to go by.

I must commend Robert for his work so far. I have worked with numerous developers over the years as some of my older clients in this project know. He certainly keeps a cool head and ensures his team are driving things forward with council while also keeping them very much on side through strong collaboration.

At this stage all seems on track. Keep it up Rob.

11 June 2018

Hello everyone,

Welcome to update #3. It's a short and sweet update as things are tracking along similarly to update #2. That said, there are a couple of key points since the previous updates..

Engineering - My consultants met with Council’s engineering department on 10th May to discuss their request for detailed engineering reports on stormwater road grades etc which are typically reserved for the construction certificate phase. It seems Council has recently adopted this approach for all development applications. We expect to have these reports completed by 13th June. All it means is there will be less work and expense when we apply for our construction certificate.

RFS - Report completed and submitted to RFS (Rural Fire Service)

Council has not yet publicly advertised our amended application due to finalisation of plan subject to engineering reports.

I have received no advice yet that we require a Koala Habit Plan of Management. The longer it goes the less chance of a KHPM being required.

I’m happy with our direction to date.



Port Stage 2 - Project Updates

13 Aug 2019 - Concept drawings almost complete

The concept drawings for the first 11 homes are now done which means we have 8 to go for the first 19 (not 20) sales in stage 1. Remember, your returns are based on the sale of 19 houses which will cover bank debt and your capital plus 30% dividend. So this is a milestone.

In order to finalise the CC (construction certificate), Rob needs to complete all storm water drainage which is now done and being lodged with council (this was a lot of work to get done).

So the CC package is almost complete and ready to lodge

Another important milestone is funding. Rob has got the funding approved subject final valuation report which is imminent.

Once the all the house designs are completed we can then go to market. 8 left to go as mentioned above.

The site sales sign has been completed and will be put up for display once the the stormwater has been lodged and ticked off (council require this). Basically the rational is we need to clear some of vegetation on site for the sign but can't until the stormwater has signed off.

Branding done (logo and sign board).

UPDATE #1 Welcome

9 July 2019

May 2019 - We've passed $2m raised.

The decision was made to stop the capital raising at $2.5m and reduce the offer to 20%. Funds raised at 20% will supplement the bank funding to settle the site.

 5th April 2019 - capital raised for offer #2 hits $1m
Investors in offer #1 have committed over $1m within the first 2 weeks of opening the offer to existing investors only. The next $1m will be sort from existing Hotspotcentral email subscribers and those on the waiting list - allocations on a strictly first-in, best-dressed.

Get your application forms in asap folks. This is possibly our last offer this year and you know how fast they sell out 🙂

  • 27th June 2019 - Construction certificate "should" be finished by the end of next week. Initial draft house lot design to identify number houses Lots (indicating 46/47 lots) 90% completed. Once this is done we move into designing the floor plans for each house - per sms / Rob (developer).

    Valuation for 35 Lots came in at $4.9m as expected. New valuation for funding purposes will be sort on 46/47 home lots once designs completed. We're aiming for a valuation of $7m which should be achieved given current valuation on 35 Lots.
  • June 2019 - Unit certificates issued to investors giving proof of ownership in the project trust (with associated equity) and their right to a 30% fixed return on sale of the first 20 home sites.

Not quite sure how this works yet? 
Get some additional insights to help you make a decision.

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