Frequently Asked Questions

What is armchair development?

What is a development fund?

What is the maximum investment amount?

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

Who can invest?

What if the project goes over time or budget?

Do you use bank debt?

What if the builder goes bust?

What do you mean by a "fixed return"?

Where does my money go when it's invested?

How do I invest?

What are my investment options as an 'armchair developer'

How long have you been doing this?

Why do you use data-drive research and artificial intelligence

What happens if the minimum amount is not raised?

How is Hotspotcentral paid?

What is the FSG or Financial Services Guide?

How does Hotspotcentral add value?

Who typically invests in Armchair Development?

Are most of your developments in QLD?

If I invest $50,000 (the average), how much will I get back?

How do you control the costs?

How do you keep your investors informed about the project?