Cutting edge AI and risk mitigation

Profitable armchair development projects are inherently scarce.
Hotspotcentral's predictive analytics and proprietary due diligence technology helps us focus on the best opportunities presented by our panel development partners.

We combine art with science.

Our development selection algorithms make it possible to analyse more than one hundred factors we know influence a project outcome. These criteria are weighted according to their overall influence on successful project outcomes so that minor factors are not given too much importance. Some of the key factors included in the analysis are as follows:


Their pedigree and track record on similar projects

Builder track record and previous experience working with the developer

Developer agrees to stringent AFSL compliance regime​

Special terms negotiated in investors favour


Are local jobs being created

Local infrastructure spending

Sale and refinance analysis

Feasibility and sensitivity analysis

Special terms


Rental growth and vacancy rate analysis

Supply demand analysis using DSR BoomScore™

Development suitability analysis of local market

Latent supply analysis checking DA applications

Resale analysis of completed stock

Local demographic analysis

Capital growth driver review


Proximity and quality of local amenities

What facilities are proposed?

Commercial valuations to support pricing

Scarcity value​ in design

Does design meet market?​

Independent rental appraisals​

Boomtown in YIP Magazine
"Our leading edge AI, research and risk analysis is our competitive advantage.
We are the only small residential development investment company with proprietary data algorithms that look at all the facts in the context of how suitable a project is for the local market. No stone is left unturned and our results reflect this."